About JPrac Bureau

JPrac Bureau seeks

to service a need in the healthcare industry. Health Care Practitioners require the expertise of professionally trained people to manage the administration of their Practice, thereby maximizing profitability, whilst enhancing the patient’s experience.

Health Care Practitioners recognize the value of having professionals managing their Practice administration since it has a direct impact on their performance.

We understand that our clients want to focus more on treating their patients, and less fussing over the processing of Medical Aid claims. We work with our clients in partnerships to improve cash flow and in turn increase profitability.

better Practice Management

JPrac Bureau

Is owned by two passionate, dedicated professionals that understand their clients’ needs and the industry in which they operate.

The owners of JPrac Bureau have extensive experience in the Medical Aid Industry – an
industry known for its complexity.

At JPrac Bureau our team understands these complexities and we remove the need for
you to worry about the volatile nature of medical aids structures.

  • At JPrac Bureau, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the changes in the volatile Medical Aid Industry and the problems involved in processing Patient claims.


  • We have an in-depth knowledge of the electronic claim submission infrastructure and thus are able to ensure that claims are submitted with the most efficiency and speed between the Practice and the Medical Aid.


  • The profitability of the Medical Practice is greatly affected by our efficiency in dealing with Patient accounts and the prompt submission of medical claims.