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Processing of electronic claims

  • Letting us process claims for you, it eliminates the need for your Practice to: have a PMA System  (Practice Management system) installed at the practice, adding running
    costs to the practice.
  • have Reconciliation of patient accounts and collection of outstanding amounts done in the
    practice adding additional admin time to practice staff
  • have staff based at the Practice performing these additional functions adding to it complexities
    of staff management.

Data Integrity and Security

JPrac will maintain the highest levels of security to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.


Debtors Management

JPrac Bureau will follow-up on outstanding claims up to a pre-agreed term

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Monthly reporting

JPrac Bureau will supply the client with the comprehensive monthly figures and financial Reports
tracking trends in cash Practice debtor’s book, age analysis and claims statistics, then assisting
the accountants with the reporting.


Manage Patient accounts

JPrac Bureau takes the responsibility for managing Patient’s accounts from the Practice, giving
the practice the time to focus on managing the patient’s health requirements.